My NaNoWriMo Journey

The journey of writing my first novel in 30 days.

Links to dictionaries, glossaries, thesauri and word lists

Found these on the NaNo Forums, but thought I would share

Your Dictionary (If you visit this page, you’ll also find links to glossaries, foreign language dictionaries and industry specific dictionaries.)

OneLook (Go to this page for a list of dictionaries and glossaries that OneLook indexes.)

alphaDictionary (You can find a huge dictionary/grammar directory here. Specialty dictionary links are available here.)

Visuwords (Visual dictionary/thesaurus.)

Snappy Words (Very similar to Visuwords.)

Lexipedia (Its fuzzynyms are particularly interesting.)

Thesauri on-line (By subject field and by language.)

The Bookshelf Muse (Descriptive words in several categories. If you only visit one site from this list, make it this one.)

Personality Traits, Character traits, Human Traits

The Word Savvy Site - Tip Sheets

Over 101 Words That Describe Food

A to Z of Positive Words

Complimentary Adjectives

Unusual and Weird Words 

List of Common Abstract Nouns

Compound Word Lists Complete

English slang and colloquialisms of the UK

Index of Common Phrases

A-Z List of Phrasal Verbs

Free English idioms, idiomatic expressions, proverbs and sayings - Find out the meanings of common sayings

English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions

Idioms of American English

Index of Metaphor Lists

101 Best Similes in Literature

Striking Similes


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